Three lifeless bodies found stabbed in a house in Flemish Brabant: the victims have been identified

The three lifeless bodies found overnight from Friday to Saturday in a house in Kessel-Lo (Flemish Brabant) have been identified, confirmed the Leuven prosecutor’s office. They are a 54-year-old lady living in the house, her 23-year-old son and a 47-year-old family friend.

The three victims, one of whom had called the police during the night for a knife attack, were probably stabbed.

Beyond the identification of the victims, the prosecution could not say more. At this stage, investigators are not ruling out any leads. “The investigation is far from over and will still take a long time.“, underlines a spokesperson for the prosecution.

The three dead bodies were discovered on Saturday night in a house in Zavelstraat, Kessel-Lo, by police officers who had been called shortly before. According to the first observations on the spot, the victims would have succumbed following stab wounds. Neighbors heard a commotion coming from the house around 3 a.m. This is also when the call to the police was made.

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