Three mysterious murders in Kessel-Lo: “No one understands what happened to them”

In Kessel-Lo, 3 people lost their lives in a knife attack in a house.

Three o’clock in the morning, in the night from Friday to Saturday. A few residents of the Zavelstraat in Kessel-Lo (Flemish Brabant) are awakened by terrible barking coming from number 126. The family’s two bulldogs are making so much noise that one of the neighbors senses that something abnormal is going on. product. The arrival in number of the police proves him right. A few moments later, the agents make a first macabre discovery in the hallway of the house. A body, larded with stab wounds in the neck and stomach, lies in the entrance, testifies a neighbor. A little further, two other dead bodies are discovered; they too show violent stab wounds.

Shortly before, one of the three victims had managed to call the police. In a last breath, she had spoken of “stab wounds” and a “fight”.

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