Three new faulty sunscreens discovered by Test-Achats

Three new faulty sunscreens discovered by Test-Achats

Test Achats announced on Monday that it had analyzed three additional sunscreen products from the Belgian brand Biosolis and none of them provided the protection indicated on the packaging. The consumer defense organization has filed a complaint with the FPS Public Health and requests the withdrawal of the sale of these products as well as the incriminated precedents at the beginning of May, in particular of the Zwitsal brand.

In early May, three of the 16 products analyzed by the organization were found to be faulty. One of them has been withdrawn from sale but the other two, the Clinique Mineral suncream SPF 30 and the SPF50+ cream with perfume from the Zwitsal brand, are still available on the Belgian market.

The three Biosolis brand products added to the tests did not respond positively to the analyses. The SPF30 spray version and the SPF30 lotion did not provide enough protection against UVA and UVB rays, according to Test Achats. The SPF50+ lotion, on the other hand, only respected the indicated protection against UVB rays.

“We have again filed a complaint with the FPS Public Health against these three products. This complaint is in addition to the one previously submitted, for which we have not yet received a response from the FPS Public Health”, explains Julie Frère, spokesperson for Test Achats. She adds that “Biosolis products are Belgian, which means that the FPS Public Health can itself take all the measures it deems necessary in Belgium”.

Test Achats regrets that each year, its tests highlight products that do not provide the protection promised on the packaging, without this problem being taken in hand by the authorities, according to it.

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