Tom Van Grieken reiterates his desire to separate Belgium: “With a Flemish majority, unilateral independence would take effect in 2029”

It’s an open secret: Tom Van Grieken does not want a united Belgium. And if it was up to him, it would end with immediate effect. In the meantime, the strongman of the extremist party of Vlaams Belang has given a clear and precise date for the separation of the country. “With a Flemish majority, unilateral independence would take effect in 2029”, he explained according to De Standaard. According to our colleagues, he would have made these remarks during a dinner for the sponsorship of the Flemish nationalist website Doorbraak. He was also the guest of honor of this site with a rather explicit name. Just like Jan Jambon, Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon (N-VA).

The majority would allow the Flemish bloc to be able to negotiate this total independence with French-speaking politicians. “Either we sit down and talk, or we go our separate ways in 2029. And if it’s a compromise, then I, as a Flemish nationalist, can still swallow it.“With great confidence, he also confessed that he wanted “the implosion of the Belgian system”.

For the Flemish newspaper, the president of the far-right party hardly cares about the international and legal objections that this independence would arouse. Moreover, Tom Van Grieken pleaded with the N-VA to abandon the idea of ​​confederalism. “I hope the N-VA realizes that the confederal model is a lie. Let’s work together.” What purpose? Divide Belgium obviously. “A large Flemish block is in sight. If some people can have lunch with Conner Rousseau, a coffee with us should be possible.” With this pike, Van Grieken was referring to the lunch of the presidents of Vooruit (Conner Rousseau) and the N-VA (Bart De Wever), the day Joachim Coens left his post as president of the CD&V.

Van Grieken explained that he knew how to grow his idea in the future. “I already know how to do propaganda and how to win a debate”, he added. “Now I want to know how a political party works. I even started talking to former chiefs of staff and cabinet members of Open VLD, CD&V and N-VA, people who know how a council of ministers works. And we need to invest in political staff. I have already promised that each of our groups will soon have ten university employees.” A program necessarily worrying for the future of Belgium.

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