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Every day, AlloCiné recommends a film to (re)watch on TV. Tonight: A True Story Adapted by Clint Eastwood.

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In 2018, after Sully and Le 15h17 pour Paris, Clint Eastwood is interested in a new true story with The mule. Written by Nick Schenk (Gran Torino), the story is based on the article by New York TimesThe Sinaloa Cartel’s 90-Year-Old Drug Mule“, signed Sam Dolnick.

In addition to directing, the film especially marks the return of Clint Eastwood in front of the camera, for the first time since A new chance in 2012. At 88, the filmmaker lends his features to Earl Stone, a character inspired by Leo Sharp, says “El Tata,” a World War II veteran who became the Sinaloa Cartel’s oldest and most prolific drug runner in the 1980s.

At its output, The mule enjoys solid critical success – Clint Eastwood’s performance is generally acclaimed in the press – and commercial, with more than 174 million dollars in worldwide receipts (including 1.85 million admissions in France).

Clint Eastwood’s Mule with Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburne…

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This Sunday on TF1 Séries Films at 9 p.m.

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