Tonight on TV: One of the worst superhero movies, clashes between legislative survivors

He would have done without these four awards. At the Razzie Awards, the ceremony rewarding the worst in cinema, “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” had won four prizes in 2017: that of “worst actor in a supporting role”, of “worst association”, of “worst prequel, remake, plagiarism or sequel” and “worst case scenario”. A tough track record for Zack Snyder’s superhero film, which was also panned by critics as aggregator Rotten Tomatoes points out. At the box office, “Batman V Superman” still generated nearly $873 million in revenue worldwide. In France, the blockbuster had attracted 2.5 million spectators.

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Worn by Ben Affleck in the role of the batman, and Henry Cavill, in that of the man in the red briefs, “Batman V Superman” stages a confrontation between the Dark Knight and Superman who have become rivals. Does the world need a superhero with limitless powers or a vigilante with fearsome strength but of human origin? Meanwhile, a terrible threat looms on the horizon…

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Three days before the second round of the legislative elections, France 2 and BFMTV will each offer a major debate with the surviving parties from the first round. On the public channel, Léa Salamé and Laurent Guimier will offer a new number of “France 2022” whose cast is still unknown for the moment, while the info channel will organize a contest between Gabriel Attal (Renaissance), Jordan Bardella (Rassemblement national ) and Clementine Autain (Nupes).

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