Toy Story 3: this moving story that inspired the most moving scene of the film – Actus Ciné

Toy Story 3: this moving story that inspired the most moving scene of the film – Actus Ciné

Did you cry at the final scene of “Toy Story 3”? Discover the moving story that gave director Lee Unkrich the idea to conclude his film with this memorable sequence.

We’re at the end of Toy Story 3. After escaping the claws of teddy bear Lotso and the flames of a waste incinerator, Andy’s toys are back in his room, and are are preparing to spend the rest of their lives in the attic of the house.

But watching his young owner – his best friend – bidding farewell to his childhood bedroom, Woody has an idea: what if he suggested incognito to Andy that he give all his old toys to his little neighbor, the sweet Bonnie?

Of course, the cowboy strategy works wonderfully, and gives rise to the most moving sequence in the entire Toy Story saga, perhaps even in the entire history of Pixar studios. Before leaving for university, Andy goes to see Bonnie to bequeath all his old plastic friends to her, and lingers one last time on the shores of his childhood before setting sail for his adult life.

But if the young student’s farewell to Woody and his other companions is so heartbreaking, it is because it was inspired by director Lee Unkrich by a very real, and equally moving, scene that occurred several years earlier.

Pixar Animation Studios

“When we realized [le premier] Toy Story, my grandma was very sick, and she knew she wouldn’t make it.”had told the filmmaker in an interview for Film School Rejectsin 2010.

“I came home to visit her, and during that visit, there was a time when I had to say goodbye to her, knowing that I would never see her again. I looked at her, and I knew that I I was watching for the last time. I understood that before I turned around and left. Of course, it’s something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

As has often been the case in the history of Pixar productions, Lee Unkrich therefore drew directly on his own memories, on his own emotions, to give life to those of his characters, and to give his feature film an indisputable truth.

Pixar Animation Studios

“It was reflected a lot in the film. There is a scene, without giving too many details, towards the end of the film, where a character has to say goodbye and move on in life. I used a lot of this lived experience for the culmination of this moment.”

Obviously, and even if Lee Unkrich does not specify it to keep the surprise of his film – which had not yet been released at the time of the interview – everyone will have understood that the scene in question is the one we were talking about. With still a few small tremolos in the voice, it must be admitted…

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