Transferring an eSIM card is active on iPhone

Transferring an eSIM card is active on iPhone

A very practical feature when buying a new iPhone.

Presented earlier this week, the new iPhone update, iOS 16, is full of surprises. One of the latest concerns the eSIM card. Today’s iPhones certainly have a port to insert a physical SIM card, but above all they allow you to register an eSIM card. Rather practical once saved, the card becomes more problematic to transfer when switching to a new iPhone.

A concern to which iOS 16 comes to bring a solution. Now, and thanks to Bluetooth, it is possible to transfer your eSIM card from one iPhone to another. Here’s what Apple says when transferring:To transfer a phone number from another iPhone, make sure that iPhone is nearby and unlocked, has Bluetooth turned on, and is running iOS 16 or later.”

Two conditions which are thus necessary for the transfer of data from the eSIM card. For the moment, nothing indicates if the functionality is dependent on the goodwill of the telephone operators or if certain countries will benefit from it before the others.

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