“Trump-style sketch”, “Attempt to demonize”: the opposition fumes after Emmanuel Macron’s surprise speech

Just before flying to Romania and Moldova, Emmanuel Macron gave a surprise speech to the press. The French president spoke directly from the tarmac at Orly airport, with the presidential plane just behind him. He called on the French to “give a solid majority to the country” in the second round of legislative elections on Sunday. “Nothing would be worse than adding a French mess to the world mess […] We must defend our institutions against all those who challenge them and weaken them”, he declared in a very solemn tone, targeting Jean-Luc Mélenchon, his main opponent for the second round.

However, Emmanuel Macron did not give clear voting instructions to citizens. In a deep voice, he called “for a republican start”: “No voice must be missing from the Republic”.

A failure to take a position and an alarming tone that surprised and disturbed the opposition to the Together! Of the president. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of Nupes, reacted to the speech of the tenant of the Élysée on his personal blog, describing his speech at the airport as a “missed shot”. “This Trump-style sketch to warn against the enemy within is the symbol of an era”, wrote Jean-Luc Mélenchon, in reference to the traditional speeches of the former President of the United States in front of US Air Force One. “Macron is sinking. At the polls, except among those over sixty. In the polls and in authority over his people, the flag is at half mast”, we still read on the blog of the Insoumis.

The national secretary of EELV Julien Bayou, for his part, said he had the impression of being faced with “a president who quite simply loses his nerves and who shows great excitement”. He said he was “surprised as an environmentalist” at Emmanuel Macron’s tone during his speech, behind which he sees “an attempt at demonization that falls flat”. Julien Bayou judged, on the antenna of BFMTV, “really dangerous that the president finally can say that if he is beaten, it is the Republic which is beaten”. “There is something very arrogant, very Jupiter […] a drift in fact. It happens to lose elections and if obviously LREM is beaten on Sunday, it will only be a defeat, in no way a problem for democracy, for the Republic”.

For the leader of the communists Fabien Roussel, “it smells of the fir tree and the panic on board”. “Still zero commitment for the French, salaries and pensions. Only words to scare. We no longer want your majority and your social disorder. We want better days, progress and justice!”, has he tweeted.

Also on Twitter, Nupes candidate Sandrine Rousseau joked about Macron’s attitude: “With this strong wind of panic, the presidential plane will arrive in Romania faster than expected”.

On the right too, the speech of the Head of State caused a reaction. Valérie Boyer (LR) criticized the president because, according to her, “once again we are entitled to ‘it’s me or chaos'”. “It bothered him less when he counted on the votes of LFI for the presidential election,” she concluded. On Europe 1, Jordan Bardella, number 1 of the National Rally, called on the French to vote RN, modifying the words of Emmanuel Macron. “If no voice should be missing from the Republic, then we must vote National Rally. We are the only ones to defend the Republic in this election”, he launched during a press conference on Tuesday at the end of the day. -midday.

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