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The Battle Score is a very important element in Diablo Immortal. It gives the power of your character, an essential element when you face a monster since the game will then calculate whether you are strong enough to beat it or not.

Today I came across an interesting post from Rwxwuxiaworld who did a lot of testing on Battle Score, in-game influence, and what you can expect to gain from spending money in the store. Here is a summary of the most important elements.

1. What is Combat Rating (or CR for Combat Rating)?

This is your character’s power for PvE. There is also one for PvP, but it is less important. The CR is calculated very simply by adding up your basic stats (strength, intelligence, determination, vitality, will), the bonuses provided by your legendary gems as well as that provided by the infernal reliquary.

Nothing else is taken into account. Your normal gems, your hit point bonuses, none of that matters.

2. What does Battle Score do?

In PvP, the effect of CR is quite negligible, although it is useful as a general barometer for comparing player power. In PvE, however, the direct effects of CR can be enormous. Indeed, the CR acts as a barrier during a fight. Basically, if your CR is lower than the recommended CR in a PvE fight, the game applies a debuff to you, causing you to take more damage and deal less to mobs.

In PvP, CR is controlled to only have a maximum impact of 10%. This means that in 8v8 it’s not a big deal. In PvE, you take 1% more damage per point of “missing” CR between you and the recommended CR. If you have CR 2000 in Hell 3, which recommends CR 2120, you will take 120% more damage. Damage dealt is calculated using a different scale which isn’t as easy to quantify, but as an example, with a CR difference of 360 you’ll deal 79% less damage, that’s that is, you will only be able to deal 21% damage.

Players who spend a lot of money in the store can climb the PvE rankings very quickly, not because their stats are much stronger, but because their higher CR means they are less prone to debuffs. While paying players already have higher base stats, their higher CR means they may only be subject to a 30% damage debuff, whereas an F2P player could be subject to a 90% debuff. This, of course, is very significant.

3. Implications

Anything within your Battle Score level will be fine. You should be able to kill the monsters and keep moving forward. Anything PvE with 100 CR more you can get through with a little work. Anything less than 200 CR more can be done by playing smart, but will be very slow and probably not worth doing (unless your party is carrying you, i.e. in dungeons or against Lassal).

Above 200 CR gap, it’s just not realistic even if you can technically accomplish it, unless it’s for one-time rewards. You’re better off farming gear to get higher stats (and therefore higher CR), which will reduce debuff and make challenging content much more reasonable.

4. How fast can I increase CR after Paragon?

Assuming P30-P60 is the same as P1-P30, your gear won’t change much – stat ranges seem pretty static on gear dropped in each tier (Normal, Hell 1, Hell 2, etc.). Therefore, the bulk of your CR gains will come from reliquary, increasing ranks via the blacksmith, leveling up legendary gems, and (if you’re super lucky) triple-stat gear. It will be very slow, be aware of that.

According to Rwxwuxiaworld, each level of Paragon should be worth an average of 20-25 CR points, with your first 60 regular levels being worth 520. The higher you go, the less the Paragon level is worth. Note that these are averages. In general, the increases occur at the breakpoints of the higher levels (H1, H2, H3, etc.).

You can get a total of around 1400 CR from Legendary Gems, so an absolute max would be the equivalent of around ~70 Paragon Levels.

5. What if I open my wallet?

How much money do you need for a Battle Score increase? For his statistics, Rwxwuxiaworld spent a good thousand dollars, while taking notes every time he spent money. he also chatted with “whales”, the name given to gamers who spend a lot on mobile games like Diablo Immortal.

The numbers below are for P30+ Necromancers. Up to $1000, Rwxwuxiaworld has tested everything. Beyond that, it is information taken from other players.

Zero Gem Baseline – CR 1368. All items P30 or higher, a single item with 3 attributes. Using the formula 520+25x=1368 we get P34. What to farm Hell 2 easily.

F2P/Battlepass – CR 1456. A mix of low rank 1* and 2* gems. This requires around 30 gem shards in total (including the base value of the gems themselves). P37 equivalent.

$200 – CR 1608. Three ?/5 gems upgraded to rank 2, 2* upgraded to rank 4, 1* upgraded to rank 10, 1* upgraded to rank 8. Total value in gem shards, around 610 – that was “less expensive” due to different bundles. It would take about 6 months of F2P farming, based on some posts I’ve seen. The equivalent of P43.

$500 – CR 1716. Four upgraded ?/5 Gems at Rank 3, one 1* at Rank 10, one 2* at Rank 4. Total Gem Fragment value ~850, with ~200 Gem Fragments remaining. Equivalent to P48.

$1000 – CR 1842. Four upgraded ?/5 gems at rank 4, one 1* at rank 10, one 2* at rank 6. Approximately 1650 gem shards, with approximately 150 gems remaining. Equivalent P53.

$1600 – CR 1986. A Necro with similar equipment, self-declared expenses. Two 4/5 gems at rank 5, the rest at rank 4. Approximately 2600 gem fragments. Equivalent to P59.

~$5000 – CR 2254. A second Necro with similar gear, self-reported expense – he had three 5*s at Rank 6, and the others at Rank 5. Gem Fragments, around 6000. purchase of 5/5) should probably be around $5000. P79 equivalent.

Simulation $35,000 – CR 2848. Simulated Necro, six 5* at Rank 10. Gem Fragments, around 40,000. FYI, Inferno 3 starts at 2120, while Inferno 4 is at 3250 – so you’d still be doing the same open world content as the guy at $5000 and will be further into the rifts and everything. This does not include the resonance costs of revealed gems, because they have no impact on CR. Equivalent to P116.

6. Closing

For the 0 to $200 bracket, each CR point will cost around $1.33 with the bundles. From $200 to $500, each point will cost $3. From $500 to $1000, each point will cost $4. From $1,000 to $1,500, each point will cost almost $4.5. And from $1500 to $5000, each point will cost $12 due to the massive increase in the cost of 5* gems at ranks five and six.

In other words, the more you heat up your credit card, the slower your natural rate of progression will be, as costs increase astronomically. As for maximizing CR, know that from $5,000 to $35,000, each point of CR costs around $50.

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