Venom 3: what does Tom Hardy announce with this photo? – Cinema news

Less than a year after the release of the second opus of his adventures, Venom is already ready to return as this photo of Tom Hardy suggests. Who seems to announce that he will then hang up.

Pandemic obliges, Venom 2 was less successful than that of the first opus, with 506.9 million dollars in revenue worldwide against 856.1. But he garnered enough greenbacks for Sony to decide to launch a third opus, officially announced last April. And we have to believe that the film could quickly move up a gear, given this photo posted by Tom Hardy.

An image also visible in a story, with a “Copyright 2022” which proves that it is indeed a recent script, and not that of the previous one, of which he had also co-written the story with Kelly Marcel. And the story in question was embellished with a “Here we go” (“Let’s go !”) and, above all, a “last dance” (“Last Dance”) enigmatic.

Is Tom Hardy announcing that Venom 3 will be his last film in the skin of Eddie Brock and his symbiotic alter ego, to whom he lends his voice? Everything suggests that yes and that he will hang up after completing this trilogy.

While waiting for confirmation from the main interested party, several questions arise: who will direct the feature film, because nothing yet says that Andy Serkis will return behind the camera? And why is the title hidden?

While the “Let There Be Carnage” of the second part confirmed the presence of the big villain teased at the end of the previous one, what could the title of this one reveal to us so that it is kept secret today? The long-awaited encounter with Spider-Man? That’s what many think (or hope) ever since they noticed that the symbiote’s tongue drawn to hide important information forms a “S”.

It may just be a coincidence, but it would make sense for the trilogy to end with this showdown at the top. Especially in view of the post-generic scene of 2, certainly contradicted by that of No Way Home a few weeks later. The bets are open !

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