Vladimir Putin reportedly received ‘urgent medical help’ after being ‘devastated’ by mystery illness

Languages ​​keep warming Vladimir Putin’s ears. Sometimes for the war, sometimes for his state of health, the man is at the center of much discussion.

This time, a source close to the Kremlin gives details on the state of health of the Russian president. He was reportedly ordered by his doctors not to make “long” public appearances. He reportedly fell ill while conferring with his military leaders and suffered from “acute malaise, weakness and dizziness” when he got up from his desk after a 90-minute virtual session. It was a few weeks ago.

More recently, it was said that Putin “needs urgent medical assistance” from his doctors. “Dizziness” and fatigue would be involved. His doctors speak of an unstable state of health.

In the meantime, many are those who speculate on this fact… between cancer or Parkinson’s disease, there is a real debate.


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