Wallet theft for “poorly paid sex services”?

Wallet theft for “poorly paid sex services”?

It is for serious acts of theft with violence on a vulnerable person that the defendant, soon to be 39, appears before the 10th chamber of the Charleroi criminal court. On February 15, Laurence confirms having picked Jean-Marie’s pockets, not far from Boulevard Audent in Charleroi. By acting in this way on the vulnerable person, Laurence intended to settle a story of poorly paid sexual services. Ten euros were present in the wallet, before Laurence withdrew fifty euros from the bank with Jean-Marie’s bank card.

Present at the hearing to obtain compensation, Jean-Marie contradicts the version of the defendant. “I saw her again after four years. She asked me for ten euros to go and buy her dose, but I refused. She walked into my building and ripped the wallet out of my jacket. »

Consuming several narcotics since she was 14, Laurence tries somehow to fight her addiction. While she reports quitting methadone and heroin, Laurence admits having difficulty quitting cocaine. To help him treat his drug addiction, Me Colin for the defense suggests the establishment of an independent probation sentence.

What the prosecution opposes, considering the sentence too light. Knowing that Laurence was revoked a probationary suspension of the pronouncement in 2005 for non-compliance with the conditions. To avoid such a situation, a heavy sentence of 3 years in prison is required with a probationary reprieve. If Laurence commits a faux pas during her probation period, she will serve the prison sentence.

To resolve a procedural problem, the case has been put on hold until next week.

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