“We have no other choice”

It is a scorching day, with temperatures approaching 36 degrees, which awaits the Belgians this Saturday. An exceptional situation for our country which should therefore live in slow motion. Proof of this is that many shops will adapt their opening hours to best suit this heat which promises to be unbearable.

This is the case, for example, of chip shops. Our colleagues from Belang van Limburg met the manager of “Lutje and Rob”. With 35 degrees expected in Limburg, and 10 degrees more above the fryers, the establishment made the decision not to open before 4:30 p.m. “In our experience, people don’t feel like eating fries in the afternoon when it’s this hot. So we have no choice but to open in the evening. Our customers understand this, moreover, ”explains the manager to our colleagues. There is no doubt that it will not be the only chip shop in the same case.

Other businesses will also adapt: ​​the Leonidas store in Heers will only open in the morning, a café in Saint-Trond will remain closed all day… In short, many will adapt and we will have to adapt. Because all evoke the same problem: the increase in temperature because of kitchen equipment, the additional heat released by electrical appliances keeping food cool but also electrical overload.


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