Weather: A heat wave even worse than expected in Luxembourg?


LUXEMBOURG – The mercury could finally rise to 38 degrees in some places in Luxembourg on Saturday. MeteoLux has placed the country on orange alert for Saturday.

Caution heatstroke. If Luxembourg does not (yet) reach the records recorded for a month of June in our French neighbors or in Spain, the situation could quickly worsen. MeteoLux placed the Grand Duchy on yellow alert, Thursday and Friday, and on orange alert, Saturday, from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. All accompanied by a risk of exceeding the European threshold for ozone in the air.

Up to 32 degrees are expected on Friday, but it is therefore Saturday that should be particularly unbearable. In a tweet published Thursday evening, MeteoLux thus anticipated “peaks of 38 degrees” in certain places in the country “in the worst case”. The south of Luxembourg in particular should suffer from these abnormally high temperatures.

“The probability of an overshoot of 35 degrees is high”, still reports MeteoLux, relying on the latest analyzes carried out. A sign of the worsening forecasts, the weather portal no longer hesitates to speak of a “heat wave”, a word which designates an episode of high temperature, day and night, over an extended period. This weekend, the temperature at night is expected to exceed 20 degrees.

According to the forecast, it should still be very hot on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but this heat should be accompanied by light rain and thunderstorms.

Luxembourg has issued several alerts to high heat, but also to air pollution and drinking water needs. The Administration and the Ministry of the Environment “remind the population and the municipalities not to waste tap water and to limit consumption to the most essential needs”.

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