Weather: A heat wave forecast for the next few days

The following days promise to be sunny and increasingly hot with temperatures that will reach or exceed 30°C at the end of the week.

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Lhe day will start with light to partly cloudy weather in several regions on Monday, according to forecasts from the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI). The clouds will be a little more numerous over the center and the east of the country, and showers could occur in the regions near the Netherlands and Germany.

The sun, some cumuliform clouds and veils of high clouds will then share the sky. The maximum will be between 16 or 17ºC by the sea and in the Ardennes, and 20ºC in Campine and Gaume. The wind will be moderate from the northwest.

During the night, temperatures will drop between 4ºC on the high plateaus of the Ardennes and 9 or 10ºC in the big cities.

On Tuesday, the sky will be sunny with rare cloud banks. The maxima will vary between 20ºC by the sea and on the high plateaus of the Ardennes, and 23 or 24ºC in Campine and Gaume.


The calm, summery weather will continue with temperatures reaching 22 degrees by the sea and in the upper Ardennes, and 27 degrees in Campine and Gaume. The wind will generally be weak from the northeast, by the sea more generally moderate.


The sky will remain quite sunny with a few veils of high clouds. The highs will vary between 22 and 26 degrees. Weak wind from the northeast or from variable direction.


The sun will remain on the program. The weather will become very hot with highs of 26 to 30 degrees in most areas, and sometimes higher in places. The wind will be moderate from the south.


According to the latest trends, the day will take place under a sky that is still quite sunny. It will be very hot with highs close to or sometimes above 30 degrees. A northerly wind will bring cooler air to the coastal region. At the end of the day, the atmosphere will become more unstable with a risk of thundery showers.

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