Weather: it will be very hot this Saturday, four provinces placed in orange warning by the IRM

Weather: it will be very hot this Saturday, four provinces placed in orange warning by the IRM

In the northwest and north, there could still be some high and medium clouds in the afternoon, but the weather will remain dry in most places until the evening, according to forecasts from the Royal Meteorological Institute. (MRI). In the interior of the country, the maximum will be between 30 and 35°C, very locally perhaps a little more. The highest temperatures will be recorded in the east and south of the country. Inland, the wind will blow weakly to moderately from the southwest. At sea and later in the northwest of the country, the wind will gradually shift to the north and generally become moderate to fairly strong.

The evening will bring medium cloud cover to the west, and light rain or showers may fall, but thunderstorms may remain over the North Sea. During the night, the weather will remain dry everywhere, but low clouds can develop, especially in the center of the country. The lows will be around 14°C in the west, 15 to 16°C in the center, while in the southeast it will not be colder than 22 or 23°C. The wind will become moderate from the north and still weak from the south south of the Sambre and Meuse furrow.

Four provinces placed on orange warning by the IRM

The IRM has placed several Belgian provinces on orange warning.

Changes this weekend

On Sunday at dawn, some (thundery) precipitation will already be possible in the far west. Over the hours, these periods of rain or showers sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms will spread to other regions. Under a very changeable sky, a significant contrast in maximum temperatures is expected, with values ​​between 16 or 17°C at the seaside, 20 to 22°C in the center, 24 to 27°C in the east of the Ardennes and another 32°C in Belgian Lorraine. The wind will generally be moderate, at sea sometimes quite strong, from north to northeast.

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