why are there so many this year?

why are there so many this year?

“We have the impression that there are more mosquitoes this year because all the conditions are in place for them to develop,” said Anna-Bella Failloux, mosquito entomologist at the Pasteur Institute, on RTL. Fr. With the first heat and recent rainfall, many French people have noticed the return of mosquitoes. The cause: the persistence over time of this hot and humid climate favors a rapid proliferation of these insects.

On May 10, 67 departments were already on red alert for tiger mosquitoes. This species of mosquito – of which only the females bite – can carry tropical diseases such as dengue fever, chikungunya or the Zika virus. It is their early proliferation in the season that suggests that they are more numerous.

“They’re coming earlier this year, although tiger mosquitoes can withstand low temperatures. In the south of France, they are present almost all year round, but in fewer numbers,” adds Anna-Bella Failloux.

However, it is not yet possible to determine whether there are more mosquitoes this year because it “just isn’t over”. Nor can we say that they are bigger than in previous years. “Mosquitoes are like humans. If they grow in an environment with lots of food they will be bigger, but there is no variation in size between years”, concludes the entomologist from the Institut Pasteur.

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