Why does Putin have a person responsible for “collecting his natural waste”?

It is no longer a secret: the state of health of Vladimir Putin is currently causing a lot of ink to flow, some sources claiming that the Russian president is suffering from cancer. This Friday, we relayed to you this other information according to which Putin should have received ‘urgent medical assistance’ earlier this week after being struck down by a “serious mysterious illness”.

In short, the rumors are rife and an article published in this Thursday’s edition of Paris Match points to a new question. Indeed, our colleagues reveal that the Russian president, for his trips abroad since 2019, is systematically accompanied by a person responsible for “collecting his natural excreta”. This person would place the droppings “in bags so as not to leave any traces and to bring everything back to the country in a special suitcase”. The goal is therefore to prevent the outside world from analyzing the Russian president’s urine and excrement, which could contain “capital information” such as DNA or traces of possible illnesses.

Paris Match specifies that on a visit to France in 2017, where he had met Emmanuel Macron in Versailles, Vladimir Poutine had already resorted to the practice.

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