why is it far from shameful

Whereas Jurassic World: The World After keep pooping on the franchise, throwback to Jurassic Park 3 and its chaotic production.

We devoted a file “the unloved” to him, we now devote a video to him. And yes, at Ecran Large, we are far from hating Jurassic Park III. Admittedly, the film is enamelled with problems, and its script often borders on poverty, the fault of a production launched without a script really finished.

However, its director Joe Johnston (Jumanjithe first Captain America) confirms here that he is one of the most gifted Hollywood craftsmen of his time, especially in saving projects in trouble. If he will do the same with Wolfman, Jurassic Park 3 proves that his cinema is always nourished by an unwavering faith in the evocative power of his images, here sublimated by a skilful balance between animatronics and computer graphics.

Inevitably, our national Simon could not miss the opportunity to defend this dinosaur film dear to his heart. You can also find his detailed file on Jurassic Park 3as well as our criticism of the disaster Jurassic World 3.


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