why selfie photos and videos look better

why selfie photos and videos look better

According to expert Ming-Chi Kuo, future iPhone 14s will benefit from autofocus on their front camera. Selfies of better bills are therefore on the program.

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The year 2022 is well underway, but still far from over and many smartphones are still expected by then. Among them are obviously the future iPhone 14 and 14 Pro. However, once is not custom, Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his expertise on the projects of the apple brand, comes to deliver new information on the next phones.

Make way for autofocus

The analyst from the firm TF International Securities indeed splits a blog article to explain that the iPhone 14 will be entitled to a major update by tasting the autofocus on the front camera to no longer have to compose of the fixed focus embedded until now on the preceding models.

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Concretely, the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max should become much more practical for capturing good quality selfie photos and videos. In addition, the optical system of this module would change from 5 to 6 layers of lenses. On paper, this should allow for more efficient light capture.

Confirmed information

In a tweet, Ming-Chi Kuo had already mentioned this development towards autofocus and he now corroborates this track, relying in particular on information concerning Apple suppliers. The analyst confirms that LG Innotek would be one of Apple’s partners on the front photo module. The sensor itself would still be produced by Sony.

Remember that we should also expect an aperture of f / 1.9 on the front camera of the iPhone 14. It is interesting to note that the evolutions of the selfie camera seem to concern all models in the range. At the back, hallway noises evoke a switch to 48 megapixel definition and the possibility of filming in 8K. On the other hand, this could be a privilege of the “Pro” versions.


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