Will Smith was “devastated” after the Oscars slap according to Tyler Perry – La Nouvelle Tribune

Will Smith was “devastated” after the Oscars slap according to Tyler Perry – La Nouvelle Tribune

The scene had gone around the world. Since Will Smith tried to keep a low profile after an explosion of revelations and reminders about his relationship. One of the people who witnessed the scene closely, the African-American billionaire filmmaker Tyler Perry spoke for the first time on the subject. He had been seen alongside Will Smith comforting him immediately after the slap, but had never spoken publicly on the subject.

Billionaire American filmmaker, Tyler Perry, recalled the infamous scene at the Oscars, where Will Smith took the stage and slapped the presenter, Chris Rock, after a joke about his wife’s hair. It was during a conversation with Gayle King during the Tribeca Film Festival. Perry was spotted chatting with Will Smith after the incident, but the producer made it clear that he “defusedthe situation, rather than comforting Smith, according to Variety.

I was there up close, left early to go see Chris because it was wrong (ed: what happened) in plain words… I made sure to tell Will, and when we we approached him, he was devastated. He couldn’t believe what happened…I think he’s been thinking a lot trying to figure out what happened…I know that feeling, I get chills thinking about it.” .I know that feeling of being a man and thinking about the little boy.If that trauma isn’t dealt with right away as you get older it will show up at the most inappropriate and horrible time…There is a difference between comforting and defusing… Being friends with both of them was very difficult.“said Tyler Perry, among others.

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