Windows 11 build 25145 is rolling out, what’s new?

Windows 11 build 25145 is rolling out, what’s new?

Microsoft is behind a new Preview of Windows 11. This build 25145 is offered on the Insider program DEV channel. We have important new features.

Available for a few hours, Windows 11 build 25145 improves accessibility through support for the narrator braille driver. At the same time, we find a management of storage alerts and OneDrive subscriptions in Settings.

A local administrator password solution is announced. As always, fixes attempt to improve the overall operating system experience. For example, the black screen problem on the Surface Pro X when resuming from hibernation is fixed.

Regarding Braille Narrator driver support Microsoft explains

“Braille devices will continue to work while switching between Narrator and third-party screen readers, as Narrator will automatically switch braille drivers. »

To take advantage of this feature you must remove the current Narrator braille support if it is already installed.

Windows 11 build 25145, new features and bug fixes

Windows 11 Build 25145 - Local Administrator Password Solution

The old LAPS product is now part of Windows. LAPS, contraction of Local Administrator Password Solution includes new features. Redmond points out, however, that the documentation is not yet available. We have some fixes and improvements. All this little world concerns the OS in general, the suggested actions function, the file explorer, the start menu, the taskbar and Settings. Microsoft offers through a central click on a file in the file explorer the opening directly in a new window.

Being on the DEV channel, installing this build is not recommended on a production PC. We have known issues that have not been resolved at this time. They concern the File Explorer, the Widgets module and the live subtitles.

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