“You always arrive late, bunch of chickens, bunch of crabs”: Gaël insults the police during an intervention

By his own admission, Gaël admits to having certain relationship problems with some of the inspectors of the Brunau police zone. It must be said that the thirty-year-old is far from being unknown to the police and justice since he is known for 34 facts, including rebellions. On August 7, Gaël again found himself confronted by the police in Fleurus. Initially, the latter was in no way targeted by the police. But his outrageous behavior was a game-changer.

According to the prosecution, which considers the version of the facts issued by the police as credible, Gaël insulted the police who intervened on a fact. The suspect initially targeted managed to flee the police. Which had the gift of making Gaël react: “you always arrive late, bunch of chickens, bunch of crabs”, would have launched the thirty-something.

Asked about the facts this Friday morning, Gaël disputes having made these comments and only claims to have reported to the police that the suspect had fled. Still according to the police, Gaël would have subsequently shown his buttocks before becoming violent during the check carried out. “I simply pulled up my pants which were too wide. A policeman arrived, grabbed me by the neck and dislocated my shoulder, ”defends the defendant. Gaël did not consider it useful to file a complaint with the P committee. “They contacted me again the next day to have a discussion. They apologized, and I apologized. They had told me that the case would end there. So I didn’t complain. »

Substitute Bury estimates that a sentence of approximately 6-7 months in prison would be adequate to sanction Gaël’s attitude. Me Toussaint, in defense, pleads a probationary stay for his client in a state of recidivism. The lawyer wonders, however, about the outrages. “They heard the word ‘chicken’. Is it such an attack on honor to say that the outrages are established? »

Judgment on June 24.

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