You can take 48MP photos with the iPhone, but that’s not thanks to Apple

So no, the iPhone doesn’t have a 48MP sensor and hasn’t received an update to do upscaling. However, the Camera+ application on iOS is updating and allows upscaling up to 48 Mpx.

The photo modules of the iPhone 13 Pro Max (left) and 12 Pro Max (right) // Source: FRANDROID

We would have liked to tell you that surprise, the iPhone 13 Pro Max that you bought more than 1200 euros finally has a main sensor of 48 Mpx instead of the 12 Mpx that we knew, but no. Although the iPhone is very good at photography, you may be missing some functions. That’s good, the Camera+ application is updating and offers an UltraRes mode, to extend your photos up to 48 Mpx. It is an iOS photo capturing and editing application.

48 Mpx on iPhone, it is now possible

LateNiteSoft, publisher of Camera+, announces the 22nd version of its application. It adds a mode called “UltraRes ”, which makes it possible toupscaling up to 48 Mpx, i.e. a fourfold increase in photo definition. For this, the application uses ” a super-fast machine learning modelwho was trained. What to improve the details on the photos, to enlarge them for example. Good news, this mode can be used on photos already taken.

Source: Camera+

UltraRes is available on iPhones and iPads with NeuralEngine and enough RAM. You’ll need an iPhone 11 or later, a third-generation iPad Pro, a sixth-generation iPad Mini, or a minimum ninth-generation iPad. This mode can only makeupscalingthan on photos up to 12 MP.

Other new features of Camera+

Camera+ is getting better, faster and more modern with a redesigned editor. All with a revised design, including on iPad. LateNiteSoft also announces that it has fixed bugs, but now displays the histogram live on the shooting screen.

The big change is mainly on the formula and the economic model. Previously, Camera+ worked on purchasesin app, but switches to subscription. It is priced at 2.99 euros per month or 12 dollars per year. However, you can still purchase the full app for $24.99.

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