YouTuber Léo Grasset, DirtyBiology, is accused of rape by several women

YouTuber Léo Grasset, DirtyBiology, is accused of rape by several women

Influencer Léo Grasset, known as DirtyBiology, is “challenged by several female videographers”, according to Médiapart. One of them accuses him of rape. The article specifies that “no complaint has to date been filed”.

According to the French media, “seven others claim to have suffered psychological or sexual violence, or to have observed behavior deemed problematic”.

Lisa (assumed name) is the videographer in question who accuses him of rape. Also running a successful YouTube channel, Lisa met Leo in 2010 and they subsequently began a relationship.

They see each other from time to time but nothing serious. However, they sometimes had sex.

Then, one evening in July 2016, she refuses to sleep with him because he is “heavily alcoholic”, as several witnesses would have confirmed. “I tell him several times that I don’t want to”she told Mediapart.

Things escalate very quickly. “He held me with his hands around his neck and penetrated me with very strong blows. I was excessively scared. I wanted to scream and there was no sound coming out of my mouth” , she tells the French media, before speaking of a “black hole” and of having felt in “state of shock”.

She continues: “I really had a kind of maximum cognitive dissonance where I was like ‘this is the person I love and this just happened'”, adds Lisa. He then left in the early morning.

Questioned by MediaPart, Léo Grasset did not wish to answer.

The YouTuber, on the other hand, reacted on his Twitter account and disputes the accusations relayed against him:

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