Zidane’s crisp anecdote about Franck Ribéry: “He dared to do this to me”

Zidane’s crisp anecdote about Franck Ribéry: “He dared to do this to me”

Zinédine Zidane turns 50 this Thursday. The opportunity for the former number 10 of the France team to grant an exclusive interview to our colleagues from the newspaper L’Équipe. The Frenchman mentions in particular his plans for the future, the fact that he does not completely close the door to PSG and his fierce desire to one day become the coach of the French team.

Speaking of the France team, Zidane also spoke about his first meeting with Franck Ribéry. “It was the first time we did a national team internship with him, in Tignes, in the mountains. And he threw a snowball at me! All the other players were surprised. He made me this to me!”remembered Zidane who took his team-mate’s joke well, “Me, I thought it was great because by doing that, he didn’t want to disrespect me, but it showed that he wanted to get closer. Other players wouldn’t have dared, Franck, it’s quite the opposite. For example, I would never have done it… Doing that in Cantona when I arrived…”

The Frenchman also mentioned the other personalities who marked him during his career: “There was also Thierry Henry. He didn’t stop, he always got out of the way. In Madrid, it was the Brazilians, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos who always came out with bullshit. They are happy. Zero restraint! I liked these guys, because I didn’t go too much towards other people. It was my nature. But I evolved, especially by becoming a coach.”

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